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​​​​​​Villa Incommunicada


To all our friends,
We were very lucky our two houses sustained little damage in the recent hurricane Earl. Better yet, there was no loss of life in Belize! We did have the palapa on the beach at Villa Mandevilla get knocked down but the roof is still together and we should have it re-erected by this weekend. Our other house Villa Incommuncada has a pier and we lost about 10 planks from the pier which was amazing considering about 1/2 the piers in town were lost. Most of the damage from Earl was to the piers from high waves. Most restaurants, bars, stores and such are now open. All in all our houses will be back to normal by this weekend. Most of the town services will be back to normal a week or two after. Again most of the damage was to piers, and some that lost a pier have already started the process of rebuilding. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.



Manatees are still around the island this season.   We are seeing more and more manatees thanks for the Belize governments efforts to protect them.  Check it out!


We can take you there! Right from the dock at the houses!

Villa Mandevilla  Located in the vacation rental resort of plantacion De Suenous. One of the newest San Pedro Belize Resorts, and Villa Mandevilla is one of the Newest VRBO Vacation Rental Houses Homes in San Pedro Belize.  Rent this vacation private luxury villa as a 6 bedroom or 5 bedroom private Villa with Private Pool. This is a perfect alternative to the crowded San Pedro Belize Hotels.  Here we have 75 feet of privateCaribbean Beach Front. With a walk in Beach access one of the few in Belize 

Villa Incommunicada one of the best San Pedro Belize Resorts.  One of the Top VRBO Vacation Rental Houses homes in San Pedro Belize.  Rent as a 6 bedroom or 5 bedroom Luxury Villa with Private Pool.  As an alternative to the crowded San Pedro Belize hotels, we have 75 feet of Caribbean Beach Front. With a Pier for boating and swimming access.   vacation the caribbean belize vacation rentals homes houses condos villas san pedro ambergris caye
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​at Plantacion De Suenous 

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